Thank you to America’s Pest Control of Lake Havasu City from the Web Design team at My Website Store!

America’s Pest Control is dedicated to providing the most effective pest and weed management programs in Lake Havasu City. They understand the urgency of needing to handle pests and weeds before it’s too late, that’s why they handle things a little different than other pest companies. At America’s Pest Control they not only eliminate the problem, they prevent it.

Their wide range of services are designed to accommodate the needs of any pest management, while offering the advantages of dealing with a considerate and courteous owner-operated business.  Specializing in pest control, termite control, bee control and weed control, they’re committed to meeting your needs and doing it at an affordable price!

America’s Pest Control offers full service programs for any pest problem. Their Pre-Emergence services are guaranteed for 6 months! One time services available as well. America’s Pest Control is also one of the few companies in Arizona that specialize in termite control!

Some of the common pests they deal with in Lake Havasu City are Arizona Scorpions, Killer Bees, Crickets, Cockroaches, Termites, Ants, Centipedes, Rats, and Spiders.

America’s Pest Control also provides weed control! Not everybody is bothered by the sight or inconvenience of weeds, but there are actually some weeds that are harmful. These are called noxious weeds which can destroy wildlife habitat through a process called mono source dominance, which irradiates areas of nutrient rich insects and plants. This can disrupt animal migratory patterns as well as effect riparian water areas that are crucial to valley life as a whole. America’s Pest Control cares about taking care of your lawns and yards just as much as the environment.

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